Video Production

Technology and the ever increasing usage of the internet is changing how consumers communicate and gather information. In order to service our clients as effectively in the digital world as in print, Tanner Young has invested in a partnership that features an expanded new media presence.

Why Video?

  • North America's TV watching habits are changing and online video is becoming a preferred way of watching appointment television.
  • The increased reach of video opens new market segments not previously accessed
  • Video increases traffic to your website & location
  • Consumers are accessing the Internet before making major life decisions
  • Video is the fastest-growing form of online media
  • Video is a powerful tool for customer relationship-building
  • Video will keep visitors on your site longer and increase message retention
  • Video provides instant online credibility and message clarity
  • Video gives you a competitive advantage
  • Video engages the viewer on an emotional level
  • Video complements existing marketing strategies
  • E-business + e-commerce + e-marketing = e-profit

The Rangeland Media Group was co-founded by Dean Langille and Rob Tanner in 2008 to formally continue the working partnerships established during the seven successful seasons of Cowboy Country Television. Specializing in high definition television production, Rangeland Media Group brings together a core group of experienced and highly creative individuals, all working together on projects that matter and are relevant.

The Rangeland Media Group is a full service, award-winning professional production company that can help guide a client from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and duplication. We are very budget-minded and work within the parameters given by our clients. Not all production companies are alike. We pride ourselves on the high standards we put in all our work. The videos we produce will be ones you will be proud to have represent your company and your clients.

It's an old clichè, but any job worth doing is worth doing well. We take pride in the work that we do, because if we aren't happy with it... neither will you. With over five decades of experience in Publishing, Marketing, Promotion, Web Development and Video Production, we have seen, and done it all. Whether in print, online, or on TV, we have the knowledge, and the resources to make the process, from concept to delivery, one that always exceeds our clients' expectations.

We believe that fun, creative collaborations create the best commercials. This philosophy has not only proven successful for us, but also for our customers.

Corporate Video

What better way to showcase your business to prospective clients locally or internationally than through the power of video. Corporate Video Production is one of the most powerful communication tools presently available and it is a common medium that everyone can understand. It gets your point across easily in an informative, active, and interesting way.

TV Commercials

From Script to Screen.... We offer full service television commercial production. We talk with you about your business and design a commercial to deliver your message in a powerful 30-second spot.

Internet Statistics

  • 97% of Canadian households use the internet as a tool for communication (Stats Canada, Household Internet Survey 2001 to 2003)
  • 78% of internet users watch video (Comscore 2008)
  • More than 3 billion video clips a month are viewed by Canadians (Comscore 2008)

Web Video

The Hottest Marketing Tool. A promo video for your web site. Promote your product or service right on your website with the power of video. Video has been embraced as the future of online advertising. We provide online video strategy development services, produce high quality low-cost Internet videos and develop and execute plans to deliver those videos across the Internet to the right audience. Every business is different. On the local level, that difference tends to rely on the atmosphere of your space, the kind of goods and/or services you sell and the personality of yourself and those in your employ. Capturing these aesthetics is crucial in producing a successful ad or branding campaign. What makes you different - what sets you apart from others - is what we focus on. It is our job to capture that personality that makes you unique. It is a job we are very good at, including superior web optimization skills.