Tanner Young Publishing Group

Vision Statement
Tanner Young Publishing Group is a communications company committed to become the predominant publisher of tourism magazines, special event publications and travel websites in Alberta.

Tanner Young Publishing Group will further strive to become the predominant publisher of western lifestyle publications and websites in Canada that celebrate the people, places and products of the Canadian West.

Tanner Young Publishing Group, working with industry partners, will operate the largest and most efficient digital hotel reservation and housing bureau in Western Canada.

Mission Statement
We bring together the most professional, dedicated and talented team members sharing an uncompromising belief in providing our clients the highest quality customer service, creative design and factually interesting editorial. By doing the little extras, we strive to set the standard of excellence in our industry.

Values and Guiding Principals
We are a family-owned entrepreneurial company. A significant factor in our growth has been the integrity and high ethical standards, which influence our policies and business decisions. These standards and principals are:

  • * All business decisions will ensure long-term growth, and not purely short-term gains.
  • * We are committed to understanding and fulfilling our customer's needs and delivering uncompromised service.
  • * We foster individual initiative, mutual respect, personal dignity, and an open, participative environment.
  • * We conduct our affairs to the highest ethical standards.
  • * We are committed to re-investing in our business to fund future growth and to increase the company's long-term value.
  • * We are a contributing partner in our community and country.

The big difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little 'extra'.